Facing the waves of globalization, English is currently the most significant language used in international communication. How to build a bilingual environment based on policies to improve the competitiveness of talents and industries in Taiwan is the key element to connect to the international stage for Taiwan.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) will focus on the target of strengthening students’ English proficiency in higher education in response to the bilingual policy blueprint, prioritize the establishment of the bedrock for students’ English learning, and provide lectures regarding knowledge in different professional fields (including professional programs for economics, engineering, medicine, business, culture and etc.) by using English as a medium of instruction to assist universities and colleges in pushing forward“EMI” on a certain level of English proficiency, so as to build a bilingual teaching and learning environment for universities and colleges, and in turns improve the English proficiency of students in higher education and the international competitiveness of universities in Taiwan.

The program aims to adopt focused development to nurture professional bilingual talents in professional fields, reinforce the overall teaching abilities of teachers and English proficiency of students in universities and colleges through generalized enhancement, increase teachers and teaching materials through sharing and collaboration, and create a bilingual environment to further realize the policies, and in turns improve issues related to organization, teachers, and students faced by universities and colleges in implementation at present, achieving the prospect of a bilingual nation.

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