Promotion Strategy

The promotion strategy shall take “EMI courses in higher education” as a core focus. With the foundation of promoting EMI in Taiwan mentioned above, the program overally examines the difficulties related to promotion practices in the past and consider the promotional momentum of schools.

Through the four major strategies:

“Strategy 1 – Focused Development,” which establishes beacon schools and beacon colleges to set examples to be learned from by schools in developing EMI teaching.

“Strategy 2 – Generalized Enhancement,” which assists non-beacon schools or colleges to progressively establish on-campus EMI support systems and English proficiency resource systems for students.

“Strategy3 – Bilingual Talents Recruitment,” which involves hiring international teaching personnel with experience in overseas EMI teaching to enhance the quality and effectiveness of EMI courses offered by schools.

“Strategy 4 – Sharing and Collaboration,” which assists schools in establishing a comprehensive bilingual learning environment through recruiting talents, developing regional centers for EMI resources, providing EMI online course modules, and adopting credit recognition systems, the program aims to gradually improve students’ English proficiency.

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